I don’t get on very well with most of the existing schemes to classify wines.  Usually all you get is a score or a number of stars.  I suppose they are good basic indicators of wine quality, but I always feel like I want more information.  So I am going to have a go at coming up with my own scheme.

I’m going to start with a basic classification list:

Faulty – for wine that has a technical fault such as Brettanomyces or oxidation.

Turps – wine that isn’t faulty, but is shocking nonetheless.  To be drunk only in truly desperate situations, and even then only after couple of bottles of vodka.

Anaesthetic – it’s drinkable but only in those situations where you want to dull the pain of modern living.

Quaffing – finally things begin to look up.  A good quaffer is pleasant, very easy to drink, and is great at anytime.

Solid – a well made wine that has some depth and character.  A wine that does have something of its own personality.

Fine – Richness, smoothness, complexity, depth, amazing flavours, great mouth feel.  A wine you notice.

Superb – I don’t expect many wines to fall into the superb category, but it’s for those fine wines that go that bit further.

That is all good , but it says nothing about value for money.  So the next step is to find  couple of wines to act as benchmarks for some of these classifications.