There are many great cellar doors on the Mornington Peninsula, and I encourage you to visit them.  But if you want to touch the rare earth of the peninsula there is just one place – Main Ridge Estate.  If you follow the Australian wine press you will know of Main Ridge.  Their wines are consistently ranked amongst the best in Australia and the world.  But you know the real story?  It’s all true.

At first glance the cellar door is quite unassuming, but if you take a few minutes to be still you realize you’re in a garden vineyard surrounded by a beautiful green valley.  The cellar door really comes to life late March/April when the vendange is in full swing.  Then you see how the utility of this building supports the business of wine making.

Main Ridge cellar door

Nat and Rosalie White were the first to start producing wine on the peninsula – nearly forty years ago.  They have had a sense of purpose and focus that is revealed in the quality of their wines.  The cellar door is open every day except Christmas, Easter and when they run out of wine, which does happen.  Nat is there for you to talk to about wine – at the cellar door.

Chardonnay Simply one of the great wines of the world.
Pinot Noir We arranged a dinner recently where the second course was a bottle of the 2007 Half Acre Pinot Noir.  Best second course I’ve had in years – magnificent.  Look it up on Langton’s List
Merlot In an unsympathetic year a good wine, in a sympathetic a great wine.  A rare treat given the cool climate of the Mornington Peninsula.
Pinot Meunier Served by the Elves of the Woodland Realm at the High Table of Rivendell to the Lord Elrond himself.  Came to mortal man by mistake.  Infuriatingly rare and precious.

Main Ridge wine board

You can just rock up at the cellar door and taste, but the best way to engage with Main Ridge is to book in for a lunch or one of their special dinners.  Lunch – take a few people – allow AUD$80 (2012) a head.  That way you can enjoy the food, a bottle of Chardonnay, a Pinot Noir, and then one of the other reds to finish off.  You will be buying a fine lunch, a great memory and touching at the heart of this sublime food and wine peninsula lifestyle.

Events at Main Ridge


F – benchmark wines

PS I didn’t consider Main Ridge Estate in the 2011 vinblue cellar door awards – they would win most things every year, so there is little point.

One of the terraces at Main Ridge Estate