I’ve been on the peninsula long enough to remember the vineyard at Bluestone Lane being planted.  I even bought Pinot Noir grapes from them a long time ago – and very good fruit it was too.  The vineyard then was managed by Brendan of DeVine Vineyard Management – a legend in his own gum boots, who will feature again in the blog I’m sure.

Suffice to say that good fruit in the vineyard can translate into into good wine at the cellar door, and in this case it does.  All the wines Bluestone Lane are well made and just good to drink.  There is a decent range, starting at $22 and going up, but staying at or below $30.  This cellar door is more for the serious wine taster – not a place to take a car load of screaming children.  But very worthwhile – highly recommended.

The cellar door at Bluestone Lane vineyard

Wines on display at Bluestone Lane cellar door

The sweet wine – which is excellent – is made by Selma at Elan.

A good range of wines available at reasonable prices

And there are usually case and other special offers on at the cellar door.

The things I struggle with at Bluestone Lane are the prices in the restaurant.  I had a very good meal there – a duck breast, which was cooked well.  But the price – $38.  My general rule of thumb in these matters is “could I have made this at home for less money?  Is there anything fiendishly clever or complicated?”  In this case I probably could and no there wasn’t.  So a very good meal, well done in pleasant surroundings – but value for money?  I think in this case just OK.

But the wines – S, good value.

The restaurant at Bluestone Lane