For anybody reading this outside of Australia, Dan Murphy’s is a rather good retail chain selling spirits, ciders, beers and an excellent range of wines – everything from “Bowlers Run” at AUD$2.90 a bottle, to the most expensive Penfolds Grange, Bordeaux and Burgundies.

As far as I am concerned, Bowlers Run is simply a phenomenon – for me it defines my anaesthetic class of wines.  But that is in no way a criticism.  I know the economics of putting wine into bottles, and to do it for AUD$2.90 is a real achievement – and the stuff is drinkable.  To put it in context, for the price of a glass of quaffing wine in a restaurant (AUD$8) you can get over one and half litres of Bowlers Run.  Some people would say they don’t want one and half litres of Bowlers Run – I just love living in a country where these options are open to me.  Well done Dan Murphy’s.

Anyway, the point about this piece is that if you want peninsula wine, but can’t get to a cellar door, have a look at Dan Murphy’s on Bentons Road near Mornington.  It has a great range of the local wines – around 25 individual vineyard labels I counted – at prices I think are a couple of dollars less than the cellar door prices.  Good hunting.

The local wines section at Dan Murphy's Benton Road