There is no hiding the fact that Pinot Noir from the Mornington Peninsula is generally expensive.  For wine from the “top producers” you can expect to pay at least $40 and then some.  But it is still possible to get decent Pinot Noir for $20 or less.

Jones Road – look to the Jones Road Junior label.  Consistently well made wines, and the cellar door is a great place for a meal – good roasts at the weekends.

Quealy – look for the Balnarring Vineyard range.  There is always a buzz about this place – always something new in the air.  Good range of wines and some unusual varieties – Friulano anybody?

Underground – the black and white label.  Serious good value.

Desiro – as far as I can tell, Desiro doesn’t even have a website.  The best information I have is that it is run by a gentleman called Alberto Frassoni who likes making wines for his friends to enjoy and isn’t worried about trying to make a fotune.  In the past he has been selling wine for as little as $7 a bottle.

B’darra – Up on the north end of Stumpy Gully Road.  A good range of wines for $20 or less, and usually there is a “buy a case – get a free case” deal of some sort making it even better value.

I’ll drink to that – cheers.