Continuing with the theme of the colour of wine – white wine.  In my experience there are two main colour themes, and then a much rarer third theme.

The first two is the spectrum of colour between wines that are essentially without colour to those that are deep gold.

Imagine if you can a hot day – temperatures into the high 30 degrees celsius.  It’s lunch time in Florence or McLaren Vale and where do you go?  To an ice cold bottle of Pinot Grigio – steeped in condensation, crystal clear, a steely, slightly acidic but refreshing taste – and no colour in the wine through that bright sunlight.

Another scenario – a warm evening at the end of summer, with a hint of autumnal bonfire smoke in the wind.  An aged chardonnay, gloriously complex vanilla and fruit flavours, and the colour of burnished gold – thick, luscious wine that clings to the glass and your memories.

And that third theme, which I have found in the local wines of Greece, Cyprus and Portugal – a very subtle hint of green.  It’s another scorching day at a taverna down by the beach – perfect for fish mezze and white wine – with a hint of the colour of the sea.

The chart below gives you an idea as to what I mean.

The colours of white wine