Thug – is the name that Underground have given to their premium Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  I asked the man at the cellar door “Why Thug?”  It turns out that the first wine was 15% alcohol by volume, and so a bit of a thug.

“Some people don’t buy it because they don’t like the name – I guess that’s their problem,” he added helpfully.

I wasn’t totally convinced at the validity of that statement.  I slowly tasted my way through the range of white and red wines.  It took a while because the cellar door man had to pause his eating of a Big Mac to pour the wine.  And when the Big Mac was finished, he rather contentedly started on a McChicken burger.  For a moment I wondered which of the Underground range was the best wine match for a McChicken burger – but I didn’t ask.  It felt wrong to disturb his mastication.

The cellar door sells wine with an intriguing range of different labels – Thug, Oh!, Black and White – a range as diverse as the curiously organic coloured stains on the cellar door man’s T shirt.  A large number of case discount offers are available.  I must confess that I didn’t make use of any of them, but rather came away with a couple of bottles of Violet Moscato.  This chilled was rather excellent with a salad of summer fruits.  Definitely not the sort of thing to try with a Mighty Angus burger.  If you’re in the mood for doing a “Sideways”, I’d suggest the Merl Oh!