The Chinese and their money are now a major force in the world of wine.  For proof look no further than the film Red Obsession.  My biggest concern in all of this – given that there are now quite a few seriously wealthy Chinese people in the world – is that they leave some wine for the rest of us.

It seems that the long arm of Chinese money has reached as far as the Mornington Peninsula.  The word is that a Chinese gentleman has bought Willow Creek vineyard – the home, as I have written about before, of very fine Chardonnays – and actually the 2013 Pinot Gris is particularly fine.

So what does this mean?  Well not a lot in the short term apparently, but the vineyard has had planning permission for a forty bed hotel and conference centre on the books for a long time, and with new money it might just become a reality.  The vineyard is on a good road, close to Balnarring and now not that far from PenLink – it’s a pretty good site.

And in a related move, Stephane, long time Salix restaurant manager, has decided to go out on his own and open a restaurant “Le Bouchon” in the Balnarring premises previously occupied by Ricca.  That will definitely be worth trying.