The other evening I was down at the beach having a swim. The water is freezing, but the experience is sensational. In my mind I’m Daniel Craig emerging from the water in those powder blue shorts (Casino Royal). In reality I’m a middle aged guy in lycra swim shorts, carrying too much weight to pull it off, but you have to have some self-belief – what else is there?

Daniel Craig - Casino Royale

Daniel Craig – Casino Royale

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted something bouncing up the beach. It can be a bit unnerving when you meet real sea creatures – they tend to be so much better at moving through the water than us humans, and one end is usually full of teeth.  It turned about to be a little seal.  The poor thing looked absolutely buggered.  He collapsed on the sand, closed his eyes, and for all the world looked like he just wanted a sleep. I can only think that he lost his way from Seal Rock and ended up on the wrong side of the Bay.

Anyway, so as not to scare passers-by, I put clothes on and looked for the number of the wildlife rescue people.  If nothing else I figured I must at least ask somebody if there was anything I should do. And I imagined I would be on the phone for a while, so broke open the car wine cellar and got a glass of red. As the wildlife rescue recorded message droned on about the danger of cats to native wildlife I got to thinking what is the most appropriate wine to drink when undertaking worthy acts of indigenous Australian aquatic wildlife preservation? Pinot Noir? Not really manly enough. Shiraz, very Australian? Didn’t seem right either. The answer was obvious – a rich and complex wine for a rich and complex situation – Grenache, Shiraz, Mouvedre – GSM. So I will ensure the wine cellar is stocked with at least one bottle of the Langmeil GSM just in case this situation occurs again.

Anyway, the wildlife rescue people never answered the phone, the seal growled at me every time I went too near it and then fell asleep again, so in the end I decided I wasn’t really adding much value at all – I went home.  The little chap wasn’t there the next morning.  I just hope he had a good sleep and got back to catching fish.