You will be able to tell from reading this blog that I love wine and everything about it.  I love visiting cellar doors and talking to winemakers.  I love making wine myself, and I love drinking the stuff.  But for all its sophistication and infrastructure and industry, wine is alcohol, and we should never forget that.

I have a significant track record of behaving badly while drunk.  I can remember treating the guests of a winemaker’s dinner to an hour of abstract jazz on the piano while they desperately looked for reasons to leave.  And taking your trousers off to better illustrate a point during an argument over Port may seem like a good and sensible idea at the time, but rarely looks that way in the morning.  Having one cigarette at the end of the evening in the car park “just for a laugh” is a sure fire way to get hooked (again) for life.  There is always a “new low” to discover.

If, like me, you have found yourself opening your third bottle of $2 Shiraz on a evening when you’re alone at home and a vegetable in front of the TV, then you will be familiar with the ever present ghost in the room – the wraith that is alcoholism, and becoming a fully fledged alcoholic.

I’m not there yet, partly because I’m very vigilant of that wraith and have my own Alcohol Free Days (AFD) rules.  I do know, as adults, it is tough.  Much easier to slip into a bottle of Pinot Noir than a pair of running shoes.  It’s pain relief, it’s anaesthetic, it’s easy – and pretty deadly at the same time.

What has made me think about this is a truly inspiring blog post I came across by Christy.  If you are at all worried you might be becoming an alcoholic, or even if you’re not, do read her post My Grace is Gone – it doesn’t get more real than that.

Just for the record I am writing this while drinking a really good Pinot Noir – but I do feel the need for a number of AFDs.