I love Gourmet Traveller Wine magazine – it really is one of the best wine publications I can get in Australia.  So I was very pleased to see that they were discerning enough to pick Yabby Lake as their “Star Cellar Door” in the April/May 2014 edition for the Mornington Peninsula.  You will of course know that Yabby Lake won the vinblue best cellar door for 2013, so good on Wine magazine for getting something right.

As for their other Mornington Peninsula winners – well some good, some highly dodgey.  Given that they are journalists working for a print magazine, I’m guessing they don’t have the budget to really get to know how all the regions they cover really work – I challenge anybody to T’Gallant Claudius in the cellar door.

But whatever – great publication.  Would love to meet Christina Pickard … OMG! She has her own wine TV show show, and blog and everything!!!