Every good wine tells a story, and every great vintage represents a significant moment in time.  Just recently we came across the last bottle of a wine we made in 2004 from a little vineyard overlooking Port Philip Bay.

The vineyard was the passion of lady who had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She realised that with the treatment regime she was facing, she would not be able to get the 2004 vintage made, so she offered the grapes to us.  We made the wine – and it turned out to be very fine, a classic Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir.  It was never going to be a DRC, but it was gracious and beautiful to drink.

Later we heard that, despite her treatment, the lady succumbed to her cancer and died.  A couple of years after that her husband had the vineyard pulled out, sold the property and moved on with his own life.

So we opened the bottle, now ten years old, and drank it.  Its travel through time had made a good wine substantial – real character, with silky tannins and great length, but still gentle and subtle.  That last bottle – a final echo from a little vineyard overlooking the sea, now lost forever.