I recently had a trip to the UK.  I drank a lot of wine.  The Australian imports were a little disappointing.  I didn’t recognise the labels in most cases.  I think importers are buying bulk wine and bottling under their own “UK” brands.  The UK wine market is interesting – you can get wine there from just about everywhere in the world.  A friend told me that he was enjoying really good quality wines from places like Hungary and Georgia – places that have been making wine for centuries, but which haven’t enjoyed a high profile or reputation in the UK.

The most memorable bottle I had was a Hochar from Chateau Musar.  They’ve been making wine in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley for decades – even when that area was tantamount to a war zone.  They are wine making legends, and I recommend you go and find a bottle and try it – quite superb.


We enjoyed this Hochar with a steak at the Whippet Inn in York – and what a steak – a 40 day aged Ribeye.  It was all about flavour.  It reminded me of what steak should be like.  Steak, chips and red wine – a classic combination done to perfection.