I was fossicking around the Peninsula as you do on holiday, and came across a gem of a place in Mount Eliza (Victoria, Australia) – the Fine Wine Merchant.  Not a large shop, but a veritable Aladdin’s cave stuffed to the rafters with fine wine of all descriptions.  Great Australian labels, shelves of Bordeaux and Burgundy, gracious looking Rieslings, undiscovered Portuguese beauties, even Chateau Musar.

Fine Wine Mt Eliza

Some of the prices for the Burgundy are simply eye watering – they make the best Australian Pinot Noir look positively economical.  And there are things within that are quite hard to find outside of cellar doors.  Next time you are in the neighbourhood pop in and have a look.  I came away with an Avignon from Kaesler which was perfect with the braised belly pork I cooked that evening.

Meanwhile, down in the vineyard, it’s hedging time again:

Hedging before

Aaaarrgghhh!  It’s a brothel!

Hedging after

Crisis sorted – for the time being.