The vintage on the Mornington Peninsula is just about over.  All of the Pinots will be safely in barrel.  Only some Shiraz and Merlot will still be lingering in their fermenters, having enjoyed the last of the long autumnal days on the vine.

From what I’ve been hearing, 2015 will be a good year.  All the numbers were on the mark, but perhaps a few of the yields were a little disappointing for some.

We had a great day pressing out our reds – a veritable feast of seafood and rabbit (yes, we ate the Easter bunny) and finished off with oxtail cooked in Chardonnay grapes (Elizabeth David recipe).

Filling the last barrel was a little problematic – squeezing everything from the last basket of the day, the press begins to skitter around the floor, and the wooden blocks creek and crack under the pressure.  You can’t rush a pressing.  Once the press is tight, you have to let the liquor drain from the grapes at it’s own speed, which is why having a progressive lunch makes perfect sense.

I think in the end we pushed our press as far as we could.  A structural failure probably means it really is time to stop.

Broken block