Sometimes you just don’t feel like eating Argentinian tapas served up by young punks in a converted garage.  Every now and then it makes a nice change to dine in a place where the interior décor is not based on rusted barbed wire and reclaimed industrial scrap.  On occasion you need a comfortable chair, a well presented table and a touch of splendour.  If you’re feeling that way now then throw an overnight bag in the car and head off to the Vue Grand in Queenscliff.

Vue Grand Queenscliffe

This iconic old building sits on the main road and dates back to 1881.  It seems to have been burnt down and rebuilt and refurbished a number of times.  To me it looks exactly as it should – a grand Victorian.  But the real treat is the Vue Grand Tasting Menu.

Vue Grand Queenscliffe menu

Now, not being a great fan, anybody who can feed me with gnocchi and octopus to the extent that I not only enjoy it but really like it has to be doing something right.  This menu was fantastic.  The octopus was sous-vide’d and the result for me was spectacular.  But everything was a real treat.  The wine pairings worked very well too, and it is a very grand dining room.  So if you feel like something a little special, dress to kill (Miss Fisher’s Murders style), pack a gold pistol in your knickers and go for your life with the Tasting Menu.

Vue Grand Queenscliffe 2

And if you do head off to the Bellarine and are looking for somewhere for lunch, you could do a lot worse than Mr Grubb at Oakdene Estate.  It is a very buzzy bistro and the cellar door is in a house the wrong way up (literally).

Mr Grub Oakdene